Inquest opened into death of man police believe tried to 'save' young child in Milton Keynes shooting

The identity of the man found dead by police officers has now been revealed.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 11:51 am
Updated Friday, 2nd July 2021, 5:14 pm

An inquest has been opened into the death of a man police officers found dead in Milton Keynes on Saturday (June 26).

Opened today (July 2) by Senior Milton Keynes Coroner Tom Osborne, an inquest will explore how Richard Woodcock lost his life in Two Mile Ash on Saturday morning.

Mr Woodcock worked as a highways officer and was born in Milton Keynes.

Police at the scene of the shooting photo by Jane Russell
Police at the scene of the shooting photo by Jane Russell

The coroner said he was led to believe that Mr Woodcock was popular among staff at Milton Keynes Council.

Thames Valley Police officers rushed to the address in a Milton Keynes estate after receiving a 999 call reporting a domestic disturbance at the home.

Mr Woodcock lived next door to the home where the incident took place, the chief inspector advised that 999 calls reported that they could hear a woman screaming from the property.

Detective chief inspector Stuart Blaik of Thames Valley Police advised that Mr Woodcock entered the building to "help save a young boy", when officers arrived on the scene at around 09:40am the woman had fled the building.

Mr Blaik said when the officers arrived at the address on Two Mile Ash they were unable to enter due to the back door being locked. It was another armed forces unit that forced entry, in an 'unarmed capacity', the chief inspector said.

It was then that they discovered Mr Woodcock lying dead, a later assessment of his body showed that he died of traumatic head injuries.

When the officers entered the building they also discovered Kelvin Igweani. Police reports say that officers tried to taser Igweani, but that was unsuccessful. The chief inspector said that from there Igweani moved towards the main bedroom of the building.

The inspector said that officers could hear "crying and ongoing assault sounds", from the bedroom. Upon breaking into the bedroom it was then that an officer opened fire on Igweani, who was pronounced dead at 10:33am. He was given medical assistance from both officers and emergency responders, prior to his passing, the inspector explained.

Mr Blaik announced that Igweani is suspected of committing both murder and a serious assault. The coroner advised that further DNA evidence is being examined and through the use of fingerprint evidence they hope to confirm who killed Mr Woodcock.

The coroner closed his opening of the inquest by stating that he would give equal attention to both inquests opened today. He advised that because the police shot Igweani that the case is likely to receive greater public attention, but he would ensure both got his attention equally. He advised that because a criminal trial will not take place in this instance, the officers are in effect working for him.