Inquest opens into mystery death of Milton Keynes dad of three after police arrest

A four-day inquest is this week investigating how a 35-year-old dad died after he was arrested by police.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 11:54 am
Anthony Kostiw

Anthony Kostiw was in a drunken state when he was picked up by police in MK for breach of the peace in the early hours of January 3 last year.

Twenty minutes later, officers dropped him off at Milton Keynes Coachway with no phone or ID.

When he failed to return to his Heelands home, his partner Carol Attridge, reported him missing.

Anthony Kostiw

Two days later his body was tragically found in a stream at the coach station, less than 100 metres away from where police had left him

Carol, who is mum to Anthony's three children, set up a group called Justice for Anthony Kostiw and has been campaigning ever since for answers as to how he came to die. She even set up a Crowdfunding page to fund her own barrister to question police during the inquest.

She said before the inquest started: "There was a bad storm on the night Anthony was dropped at the coach station. He was drunk and unsteady on his feet at time of arrest. WHY was he not taken to the police station, or wasn't he brought home?"

Carol added: "Three children are now left without a daddy. Our family have lost someone so very special. Anthony's death is a mystery and I want answers."

Anthony Kostiw

In November last year two police officers, PC Johan Stephens and PC Rebecca Wade, were cleared of misconduct over leaving Anthony at the Coachway.

A two-day hearing at Thames Valley Police headquarters in Kidlington heard the pair believed he was going to try to get a coach to Exeter to visit his grandmother.

But they admitted they did not check whether he had enough money to buy a ticket.

The hearing heard the two PCs believed the Coachway to be a neutral, well-lit venue, which was warm and open all night.

Colin Banham, representing them, said it was not up to the police to ensure someone could reach their destination.

The hearing found PC Rebecca Wade and PC Johan Stevens acted proportionately and were not guilty of gross misconduct.

Meanwhile, Carol has asked to see CCTV footage showing Anthony’s movements that night.

“I’m told there is none. Not one of the 15 cameras at the Coachway shows him, she said.

The inquest is set to continue until Monday, September 9.