Keep this killer out of our city

Gregory Davis
Gregory Davis

MP MARK Lancaster is to beg Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to ban bloodbath killer Greg Davies from ever setting foot in his native Milton Keynes.

Mr Lancaster, along with friends and family of Davies’ victims, was this week “sickened” to hear the would-be serial killer is due to be released just seven years into his sentence.

The Great Linford 31-year-old, who drew up a hit list of people to kill, burst into the home of Stantonbury mum Dorothy Rogers in January 2003, armed with a claw hammer and a knife.

He bludgeoned Dorothy, stabbed her 31 times, then chased her 19-year-old son Michael into a children’s playground before stabbing and disembowelling him in broad daylight.

Later a court heard Davies, who was being treated for depression and social anxiety at the time, had carefully plotted the killings in his diary, in which he also revealed his ambition to kill “ad infinitum” around the world.

Members of Dorothy and Michael’s family breathed a sigh of relief when the judge ordered him to be detained indefinitely at Broadmoor prison.

But in a bizarre twist, Davies recruited a human rights lawyer to appeal for release, claiming the pills he had been taking for depression caused his psychotic killing spree.

Last week mental health experts deemed him ‘cured’ enough to return to the community and live in a hostel in a residential area.

A multi agency meeting today (Thursday) will decide the date of release and where Davies will live.

Former friends, told by police they were on Davies’ hit list, are already terrified he will strike again.

“They’re blaming these vicious killings on a side effect to common medication. How do we know he won’t pop another pill and kill again?” said one.

During the past couple of years in mental prisons, Davies was allowed on unsupervised outings and even returned several times to visit his family at their Great Linford home.

Now MP Mark Lancaster has vowed this must never be allowed again.

He told the Citizen: “All of Milton Keynes was sickened by this horrific crime and I’m determined that, if there is a decision to release Gregory Davies, it should be on the condition he cannot return to this city. He must not be allowed to return here. I am not prepared to let that happen

“Obviously as an MP I have no authority over the judiciary.But I have repeatedly raised my concerns about this case and previously met with the justice secretary Ken Clarke to put across my deep concerns.

“Even though the loophole in the law has now been closed with regards to early releases such as this, I am determined to press the secretary of state to ensure that under no circumstances can Gregory Davies return to Milton Keynes.”

Extract from killer’s diary in 2003: ‘Quit job tomorrow. Get Mick killed. Get Stuart to withdraw cash everyday. When all gone, kill him.‘