Latest section 60 police powers order in Milton Keynes extended after reports of four men wielding hammers and bladed articles

The order put in place on Saturday through to Sunday has been extended to 5pm today (Monday)

The latest in a series of section 60 orders enhancing police powers in Milton Keynes has been extended until 5pm today (Monday) after reports of four men weilding hammers and bladed articles.

The section 60 - which allows police enhanced stop and search powers - covers the area of Newport Pagnell depicted in the map pictured.

Police state the order was put in place after reports of 'four males in possession of hammers and bladed articles in Newport Pagnell' on Saturday.

Police top and search powers enhanced

Officers attended the scene and it is not believed that anyone has been injured.

One man, aged 19 from Milton Keynes has been arrested on suspicion of affray and remains in police custody at this time.

Superintendent Felicity Parker, said: “I have made the decision to extend the Section 60 Order for a further 24 hours which will allow us extra powers to stop and search people.

“Orders such as this are put in place to aid police investigations, as well as to ensure the safety of the public.

The area of MK covered by the section 60

“Officers are working hard to reduce the risk in the area and a section 60 assists us with this.

“Our officers are also in the area on patrol as we continue our investigation. If you have any concerns, please feel free to approach them.

“Thank you in advance for your continued support and compliance.”

There is more information on stop and search, and particularly Section 60 orders, on the Thames Valley Police website.