Lock up your motorbikes, warn police dealing with thefts in Milton Keynes

Another three people were arrested last night on suspicion of stealing a moped

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 11:20 am

Police are urging motorbike owners to secure their bikes using steering locks, heavy duty chains, disc locks or alarms following a spate of moped thefts.

Officers from the MK South neighbourhood team arrested three suspected crooks last night after they were spotted gathered round a moped on the MK1 Retail Park in Bletchley.

A police spokesman said: "A group of persons were seen on site looking at the moped, which was left unlocked and no steering lock applied. Seconds later they we seen running through the retail park towards the gym.

The moped was recovered

"Little did they know they were being followed by a member of public, who was providing updates directly to one of the attending officers."

Multiple police units deployed to the area and plotted up around the gym and Stadium MK, said the spokesman,

" As officers exited their car and entered the car park the four persons ran out from behind the gym and into the car park. Two persons were swiftly detained and arrested on suspicion of theft of vehicle. The other two persons were identified and one of them were arrested a few hours later."

The £1,700 moped was recovered in perfect working order and was returned to the owner.

The spokesman added: "To all bike owners, please help us reduce motorbike crime by using the steering locks, heavy duty chains, disc locks and alarms.

"Recently the motorbike thefts were dealing with are due to to no security being applied onto the bike. Let's make it harder for them."