Lotto winner on benefits charge raped teen girl

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A MAN who won more than £4million on the National Lottery had been convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl.

Edward Putnam, whose lottery win came in September 2009, attacked his victim in 1992, when he lived in Milton Keynes.

A year later he was sentenced to seven years in jail for the offence.

The Lotto winner’s offences came to light after he appeared in court last week charged with claiming around £15,000 in benefits.

And The Sunday Mail subsequently reported that the 46-year-old had been convicted of rape at Northampton Crown Court in 1993.

Putnam, who now lives in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, was also convicted of witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice after it was found he had tried to intimidate the key witness in the trial.

He served four years of his seven year sentence before being released. His name was not added to the Sex Offenders Register as the system was not put in place until a decade later.

The Sunday Mail also reported that Putnam had also been convicted of wounding with intent in a case dating back to the mid-80s.

Putnam, a former bricklayer, who opted for anonymity following his £4.5m Lottery win, appeared at St Albans Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday charged with claiming around £15,000 in benefits from September 2009 to May 2011.

He appeared in court following an investigation by the Department of Works and Pensions.

It is alleged that he continued to take government benefits for 20 months following his win.

Putnam has yet to enter a plea and the case has been adjourned.

The revelations regarding his criminal past mirror the case of Iorworth Hoare, who handed over £100,000 in an out-of-court settlement to a woman he had raped years previously.

Putman’s victim will now also have the right to sue for damages.

Hoare attacked a retired teacher in Leeds in 1988 and was convicted the following year.

He won £7.2million in 2004 with a Lotto Extra ticket he bought while on day release from prison.

In 2009, he agreed the settlement with his victim, Shirley Woodman, who had sued him for damages.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: ‘Cases like this turn the stomach and it’s clear why Mr Putman was so keen to avoid publicity.

‘While money can never even begin to compensate for the trauma of rape, it does seem only right that victims should have a right to share their attacker’s good fortune.’