Love Island star Malin Anderson visits drugs gangster in Milton Keynes prison

Love Island star Malin Andersson is visiting a drugs gangster with more than 100 convictions in Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes.

She has been spotted at the jail three times in the past month to see inmate Sam Walker, according to sources.

Malin Anderson

Malin Anderson

Walker is currently serving three years for a string of drug offences, including conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine.

Miss Anderson, 26, split with her boyfriend Tom Kemp following the tragic death of their baby daughter in January.

Her spokesman said she is not in a romantic relationship with Walker, and insists the pair are “just good friends."

A source told The Sun newspaper Miss Anderson caused a stir when she walked into Woodhill.

Sam Walker

Sam Walker

He said: “She's well known from Love Island so everyone in the visiting hall was shocked when she walked in and sat down with Walker.

"They were chatting intently for the 90-minute visit in a room full of killers and gangsters."

The 26-year-old, who appeared on Love Island three years ago, left the prison in an Audi TT, said the source.