Luton man smashed scaffold pipe on man’s head on MK building site


A young hod carrier who attacked a bricklayer on a Milton Keynes building site by smashing a scaffold pole over his head was jailed for 12 years yesterday.

At Luton crown court 23 year old Kieran Fowler from Luton was found guilty of two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

His 49 year old father Alan Fowler also from Luton was cleared of the single charge of causing grievous bodily harm to the bricklayer, Stuart Levitt.

Mr Levitt suffered sickening injuries in the attack which took place on the morning of Sunday October 26 last year at the Ben Bailey Buiding Site at Rowditch Furlong, Redhouse Park, Milton Keynes.

His skull was fractured, and his nose was smashed with such forced his facial bones were shattered and his nose was split.

Such was the severity of the wound the roof of his mouth was split.

After being flown by helicopter from the site to the trauma unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Mr Levitt remained in an induced coma for weeks.

He has lost the sight in one eye and his vision in the other is affected and he still cannot work.

The jury heard soon after the day began on the site there was an exchange of words between the victim and Kieran Fowler of Radnor Road, Luton

Mr Levitt was angry that there didn’t appear to be any work for him to do at the spot where Kieran Fowler, his bricklayer dad and another brickie were working.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Kay said he accepted Mr Levitt might have been angry and sworn and he said the father had then gone to speak to him.

The judge said when the son followed behind and found his father of Lollard Close, Luton and Mr Levitt engaged in “fisticuffs” he went to intervene.

“I am satisfied that either with a brick or a scaffold pole, it matters not which, you launched that weapon into the face of Stuart Levitt,” said the judge.

He said Mr Levitt was no doubt incensed having been hit and chased after the son but didn’t catch him.

That led to a second fight between him and the father, but the judge said it was not a major altercation.

He told Kieran Fowler “what you did on seeing fisticuffs taking place, you decided you hadn’t finished with Stuart Levitt.”

The judge said the son had gone up to Mr Levitt from behind with the scaffold pole and then struck him over his head.

“It was brutality in the extreme. You are very fortunate you’re not standing there facing a charge of murder. If he had died you would be facing a life sentence.”

The judge even now Mr Levitt is suffering from the emotional, physical and psychological effects of what happened to him that day.

He jailed Kieran Fowler for 12 years.