Man warns against theft after laptop stolen from car

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A man who had a brand new laptop stolen from his car believes he was followed from the shop he bought it in.

David Cox, of Oakridge Park, purchased the £500 HP Pavilion laptop on Saturday at around 1pm. After covering it in a blanket in his car boot he drove to Silbury Boulevard to continue shopping.

He returned three and a half hours later to see his car’s back window had been smashed by a lump of breeze block and the laptop stolen.

Mr Cox said: “This was in a public car park within three and a half hours of us buying it. I’m almost certain the burglary happened straight away.

“I would have never thought this was possible. We were in the shop for a while, this was a big decision. I am sure someone was in the shop with us and actively followed us out and to where we drove on to.

“The worry is that if we had come straight home to put the laptop there then the house could have been robbed when they saw we were out.”

Mr Cox is urging people to take more consideration when they buy bigger items as he thought he had taken all precautions by covering the laptop up in the car’s boot.

He said: “This was not a spontaneous attack, they had clearly come tooled up for the job. People need to be aware that these people are potentially watching you.”

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident and are urging anyone who saw the burglary to call them on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.