Mickey Mouse fan jailed for chasing love rival with a knife

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A man who chased a love rival down the street while carrying a knife was led away to begin a prison sentence wearing a Mickey Mouse jumper.

Ian Lee had chosen to wear a dark blue jumper emblazoned with the popular Disney character along with the words “Mickey Mouse Club” when he appeared in the dock charged with threatening his former partner’s new man with a blade.

He was caught in the back garden of his ex Terri Harris’s home - in breach of a restraining order - when he bumped into her new partner Carl Rivenburgh as he returned home.

Incensed Lee then chased Mr Rivenburgh down the street - having just flashed a blade at Miss Harris that he had pulled out of his trousers.

On his arrest Lee told police in a prepared statement that he had been elsewhere with friends at the time of the incident but later admitted to the offences when he was charged.

Lee was on Tuesday beginning an 18-month prison sentence with the words “leave her alone” ringing in his ears after he again breached a restraining order against his former partner.

the court heard Lee had 54 previous convictions - the most recent of which was for breaching a restraining order against Miss Harris that was imposed following a prison sentence for battery.

Sporting his Mickey Mouse jumper he admitted acting in breach of a restraining order and of threatening another with an article with a blade or point.

Aylesbury Crown Court court heard that Lee had, following a pre-arranged day out, returned the couple’s children to Miss Harris’ address in Oakridge Park at 7pm on November 15.

Some time later however Miss Harris spotted Lee still outside her property.

Lisa Bald, prosecuting, said: “There was a noise in the rear garden. She looks out from the upstairs rear bedroom and saw the defendant in the rear garden. She said that she would call the police, when he reached down to his trouser pocket or waistband and pulled out a knife.

“At the same time she heard a knocking at the front door and realised it was her new partner.

“He appeared with the knife and chased Mr Rivenburgh with the knife.”

Mark Sookram, defending, said that Lee had been “misguided” in his actions.

He said: “He just happens to bump into Miss Harris’ current partner and chases him away. There is no suggestion he was brandishing the knife towards him. He must have had it on him and it was visible.

“No verbal threat was made as he’s being chased down the road.”

Judge Francis Sheridan noted that 33-year-old Lee, of Nevis Grove, had already served jail time for breaching a restraining order against his ex-partner.

Passing sentence the judge said: “That order, may I remind you, continues. The sentencing on count one - as you have not learned your lesson - is six months’ imprisonment.

“Threatening another man, the new man in the complainant’s life - this is a free country and he is entitled, as is she, to mix together without you chasing them down the street because you don’t like the fact you are jealous. The sentence is 12 months.”

He added: “Put bluntly sir, leave her alone, and leave anyone she associates with alone.”