Milton Keynes' biggest ever cannabis factory discovered in former builders' merchants premises

Police are due to seize an estimated million pounds worth of cannabis plants from a disused builders' merchants in MK today.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 1:05 pm

Officers discovered the hydroponic factory in the old Travis Perkins depot at Bletchley's Simpson Road in Fenny Stratford yesterday afternoon.

It is believed to be the biggest ever haul of cannabis found under one roof in MK.

The 10,000 sq ft building has been unoccupied since Travis Perkins moved to Denbigh Road in Bletchley more than a year ago.

The huge building has been boarded up since the ' merchants moved out

Residents had noticed a strong smell of cannabis when walking past it but assumed it was people smoking around the back of the building.

"My wife said she could smell cannabis when she walked the dog past it, but we didn't take much notice. You seem to smell the stuff everywhere these days with kids taking a puff when they're out and about," said one man.

"I'd noticed lights were on and off at different times when I walked past, but I assumed it was just for security reasons. We had no idea all this was going on right under our noses."

Yesterday afternoon residents noticed police cars around the boarded-up building and asked what was happening.

A hydroponic cannabis factory

"The officers told me they'd found a massive cannabis factory in there. The plants were packed floor to ceiling and they estimated there was about £1.5m worth," said one.

"It's a huge amount of cannabis," said another.

"It's probably enough to supply the whole of MK."

He added: "The power to keep the factory must have been used illegally. Police arranged for it to be disconnected and more than 50 houses nearby were without power while it was being done."

Police officers guarded the premises overnight and are understood to be arranging for the plants to be brought out today. They will all ultimately be destroyed.

The MK Citizen is awaiting a comment from Thames Valley Police and it is not yet known whether any arrests have been made.