Milton Keynes burglary victim begs thieves to return lifetime of letters from her grandparents

A woman is appealing to burglars to return a wooden writing box full of memories of her beloved grandparents.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 11:40 am

The “treasure box” was stolen when Andrea Ackroyd's van was broken into on Buckingham Road in Bletchley last week.

The crooks stole a large electronic safe, in which Andrea kept the box.

“I'm not worried about the safe, but the box was filled with letters and sentimental items. It was where I kept my treasures,” she said.

The box was similar to this

“There were small notes, maybe A6 in size, written on thin paper. These were the letters written to me by my grandfather before he died. All the notes finished 'love Grandma and Grampy'.

The box also contained a a poem written by the grandfather's brother during WW2, before his ship was sunk by a U Boat.

“And there was was a line drawing, by my grandfather, of a church in Beadnell, Northumberland, where I was christened and my parents were married. There was also an invitation to my parents' wedding in the box,” said Andrea.

She is hoping the box and letters, which are worthless to anybody else, will have been dumped somewhere by the thieves.

The inside of the box

“I am hoping your readers may have seen something. The box looks very similar to the one in the photographs, which isnot mine but a similar one from Facebook,” she said.

Anybody with information about the box or contents should call the MK Citizen on 01908 651309.