Milton Keynes former actress bites police officer during arrest

A pregnant former actress who lives in a multi-million pound mansion has been spared jail after viciously biting a police officer

Mum-of-two Charlotte Laudat, who now calls herself Charlotte Geneva, launched a foul-mouthed tirade at police and told them: "You're dealing with a celebrity", a judge heard.

Charlotte Geneva

Charlotte Geneva

The court was shown footage of the moment Geneva bit an officer's left bicep in front of his stunned colleagues as they attempted to calm her down and get her in a police vehicle.

The attack breaching a suspended sentence Geneva was already serving for assaulting on her then-husband in 2017.

She slashed him eight times across the face in such a severe attack, he was left with no choice but to jump out of a window.

The court heard the latest offence happened in December last year when the 32-year-old had been celebrating her birthday and had drunk a lot of alcohol. Her baby was just 14 weeks old at the time.

Police attended the mansion in Sherington, where Geneva lived with MK property millionaire Glenn Armstrong, after reports of a domestic incident.

Aylesbury Crown Court judge Catherine Tulk heard that when officers arrived at her home they found Geneva in a state of drunken distress with her new baby and 14-year-old daughter.

Police officers led her out and tried to convince her to stay with friends or at a hotel. But they were forced to physically restrain her when she began screaming, swearing and thrashing around.

In mitigation, defence counsel Tyrone Smith QC outlined an unspecified - at the judge's request - traumatic experience in the weeks leading up to the incident which left her vulnerable to the arrival of police officers at her home.

Mr Smith also emphasised the deep-rooted personal issues the defendant had struggled with for years and argued she had made real and sustained efforts to recognise her problems and deal with them since her dramatic arrest.

He also told the judge she was a talented woman - a former child actress, a successful children's fashion designer and skilled businesswoman, who needed real support and help to fight her demons and fulfil her potential.

Judge Tulk was also told Geneva was pregnant with her third child, and Mr Smith stressed a custodial sentence would inflict far more damage on her young family than her.

Geneva admitted one charge of assaulting an emergency worker and was given a 12-month community order including 12 rehabilitation requirement days and 40 hours' unpaid work, as well as the requirement to complete the conditions from her previous suspended sentence.

She was also required to pay £100 compensation to the victim, £510 prosecution costs and she was handed a £200 fine.

Judge Tulk said: “I start by saying in view of the history about which I have read in the pre-sentence report, and the medical letters I have received, about what had gone on a few weeks earlier... if I were to sentence today for a reduced period, the people who would suffer the most are not you but your children, with another on the way. The effect it would have on your partner, children and unborn child... it would be unjust, in the circumstances.”

Geneva and Glenn Armstorng hit the headlines earlier in 2018 after they were subjected to a horrific armed burglary at the mansion.

The masked crooks held a machete to the throat of the couple's baby and made off with Rolex watches worth almost £50,000, a Louis Vuitton handbag, a £4,000 Canon camera and the keys to Mr Armstrong's Rolls-Royce.