Milton Keynes GCSE scores plummeting

Education results in Milton Keynes have plummeted over the last 12 months, according to new government statistics.

GCSE results, and student progress from ages seven-16, are among the worst in the country according to figures produced by the Department for Education.

And youngsters did particularly badly in English and maths; only 11 local authorities had fewer students earning A*-C grades in both subjects.

Councillor Andy Dransfield, Conservative spokesman for children’s services, said the results should alert schools not to take their eyes off the ball.

He said: “I’m really proud of what’s been done in Milton Keynes over the last few years, we really have improved results, particularly for GCSEs.

“Perhaps over the last year eyes have been taken off the ball – if so then this is a timely reminder for schools.

“I am sure they will all look closely at what has happened with this year’s results, examine all the figures and all the underlying causes, and will decide how they can do better.”

This summer less than half of Milton Keynes students gained five or more GCSEs at grades A*- C including English and maths. Results in Milton Keynes had been getting better every year for the past decade, but this summer dropped by more than a fifth compared to students in 2013.

Boys did particularly badly – only 44.6 per cent of male GCSE students got grades A*-C in both English and maths, while 55.6 per cent of girls did.

The figures also looked at how many students made the expected progress between Key Stage 2 (age 7-11) and Key Stage 4 (age 14-16). More than a third of MK students in state-funded mainstream school failed to make the expected progress in English, the eighth-worst result of anywhere in England.

Although students receive their GCSE results in August, nationwide statistics are not released until several months later.

Mr Dransfield, who previous held the children’s services portfolio at Milton Keynes Council and is a trustee governor at Denbigh School, added: “Five or six years ago Ofsted had Milton Keynes as a basketcase.

“Normally when that’s the case it’s because they have got worries about safeguarding, but in Milton Keynes it was because of our educational performance.

“I am proud of how we have improved since then.”

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council said it was organising a summit with headteachers to tackle the problem.

They said: “Outcomes at the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have all improved well this year.

“We recognise that results at GCSE have been disappointing. In response, all 12 secondary schools are working with the council to analyse and identify the underlying causes for this general decline in performance.”

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Percentage of students gaining five or GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English and maths

2005-06 Milton Keynes 38.7 per cent All state schools in England 44.1 per cent

2006-07 Milton Keynes 39.6 per cent All state schools in England 45.9 per cent

2007-08 Milton Keynes 42.1 per cent All state schools in England 48.4 per cent

2008-09 Milton Keynes 48.0 per cent All state schools in England 50.9 per cent

2009-10 Milton Keynes 51.5 per cent All state schools in England 55.3 per cent

2010-11 Milton Keynes 52.1 per cent All state schools in England 58.4 per cent

2011-12 Milton Keynes 58.5 per cent All state schools in England 59.1 per cent

2012-13 Milton Keynes 61.3 per cent All state schools in England 60.8 per cent

2013-14 Milton Keynes 48.4 per cent All state schools in England 56.1 per cent