Milton Keynes man with autism jailed after making numerous hoax bomb threats at busy railway stations

A hoax caller who made numerous hoax bomb threats at rail stations has been jailed for 14 months.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 6:34 pm

David Fowler, 30, called emergency services to tell them he had planted bombs at numerous stations across the country, including London Euston, Angel Underground Station and Glasgow Station over a month period from December 2019 to January 2020.

In one call the court heard how he told 999 operators he had already blown up his mother's house, killing her and had planted a bomb at Euston Station.

Another time, on Christmas Day, he said he'd planted a bomb at King's Cross station.

Fowler was jailed for 14 months

Prosecutor Oliver Kelham told the court how call handlers swiftly realised these were hoax calls.

He said that the 30-year-old had caused 110 hoax ambulance call-outs in the last three years, costing the public £32,000 in ambulance visits alone.

In another incident being heard at the same time, Mr Kelham told a judge sitting at Aylesbury Crown Court: "On February 8 this year, Fowler made 17 999 calls between 4.55am and 10.42am from his landline."

Fowler, who lives in Bletchley, suffers from autism and alcohol abuse, the court heard.

Defence counsel Terry Pedro said his client's complex mental health issues had limited his opportunities for employment but had worked hard in his life to volunteer to boost his employability.

The court heard how on one occasion Fowler told emergency services he had coronavirus and had spat in his neighbour's face.

He also threatened to spit in the face of the bailiffs and the TV licensing man who he thought would come to his home address.

Fowler had earlier pleaded guilty to five counts of contacting emergency services and giving information that he knew or believed to false in relation to the bomb threats and the issues with his neighbours. He also admitted another count of sending a letter conveying a threatening message.

Sentencing him, Judge Tom Rochford told Fowler he should "put yourself in the shoes of the person taking the call and having to make the decision to shut down a huge railway station and all the disruption that would cause against having to risk that there WAS a bomb and the damage that would cause."

Fowler was given a 14-month prison sentence for the hoax bomb threats he made, along with seven weeks in prison related to a previous and still existent suspended sentence order.

Concluding the hearing, Judge Rochford addressed Fowler directly: "Do take this opportunity to get on top of the drink. That is the only way you will put this telephone calling behind you."