Milton Keynes OAP given 12-month jail term over indecent images of children


A pensioner has been handed a one-year prison sentence after being convicted of eight charges relating to indecent images of children.

Djemal Faris, 65, of Holborn Crescent, appeared at Amersham Crown Court for sentencing on Thursday, September 11. He had been found guilty of having 93 indecent images of children aged from “very young” to 16.

He was also found guilty of seven counts of distributing indecent photographs of a child.

There are three categories of indecent images of children - A, B and C. Faris had one accessible category A image, the most serious level, and 12 inaccessible category A images.

He also had 12 accessible and 35 inaccessible category B images, and 11 accessible category C images along with 28 inaccessible.

Faris maintained his innocence at the sentencing hearing, having claimed at the trial that he had been framed.

His defence barrister told the court that it is possible for images to have got onto Faris’ hard drive without his being aware of them, because of the nature of certain websites he had visited.

He said: “My only concern relates to the inaccessible images. The evidence was that Mr Faris probably had never seen any of these images because of the nature of how they appear.

“The evidence of the expert was that she couldn’t be sure because of the manner by which they were on the hard drive.

“She couldn’t say they had got onto the computer while being seen by Mr Faris.”

Recorder Persuad told Faris: “You were convicted on the clearest possible evidence. There are a number of features of this case which are worrying and are capable of being aggravating features.

“The chat that accompanied some of these images indicated an interest in hardcore images of children. It’s also an aggravating feature that the website account you had was capable of and did facilitate the sharing of images.”