Milton Keynes sees another weekend of roads being used as racetracks in the middle of the night

Police have warned they are clamping down on these car meets

By Sally Murrer
Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 3:59 pm
Updated Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 4:02 pm

Residents in parts of MK were once again kept awake by a nighttime car meet involving high speed driving on local grid roads.

Police warned on Friday night that drivers were set to come from all over the country to a meet in MK.

Officers from the roads policing units patrolled the area, but it seems they could not stop all the drivers.

Police warned in advance that there could be disruption

A police spokesman said on Friday evening: "We are aware of an organised car meet tonight in Milton Keynes with vehicles coming from around the country.

"We have therefore got addition Roads Policing units in the area patrolling to deal with anyone trying to use the road network as a racing opportunity."

Abd the spokesman warned: "Drivers will be dealt with robustly if caught participating in any street racing or causing any anti-social behaviour."

It is not yet known if any drivers were arrested during the night - but residents have complained about on social media about being kept awake by speeding drivers on both Friday and Saturday nights.

One responded to the Thames Valley Police Facebook post saying: "They seemed to be everywhere you guys weren't. Loads of them."

Another said: "There seems to be increasing incidents of this, and an increasing number of roundabouts that have seen cars hit/crash straight across them - this increased police activity needs to continue."

One reader come up with a solution that was not very popular, saying: "Personally I think TVP Milton Keynes are missing a great opportunity to interact with these groups. Put on a car meet, charge them for turning up this would cover the cost of emergency services attending, get food trucks you’ll make loads. And have a road closed allow them to race

"There are insurances that could have to ensure any damage is paid for."