Milton Keynes woman waives anonymity to share her story being raped seven years ago

A woman from Milton Keynes has taken the brave step of waiving her anonymity in support of other victims.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 11:58 am

Sophie Davis, a travel blogger from Milton Keynes, revealed she was raped on holiday in Australia seven years ago.

The 28-year-old spoke to Mail Online as part of the Government's, It Still Matters campaign, urging sexual assault victims to seek support.

In a detailed interview Davis talked about the horrifying incident that overshadowed her 'trip of a lifetime' and how she wasn't able to tell anyone about the story for seven years.

Sophie Davis

She said: "The trip to Australia should have been the trip of a lifetime but instead, I was raped in a hostel by a stranger I had never met before.

"It happened in a hostel and it was someone I did not know - in a place I should have felt safe. So, while having the time of my life with my best friend, I was sexually assaulted.

"Scared, alone and thousands of miles from home, and not understanding what had happened, I felt unable to tell a single person and kept that experience a secret for seven years.

"To protect myself, I didn't tell a soul – not even my best friend or boyfriend at the time. I felt like I either wouldn't be believed or that I would not get the support I needed."

Sophie Davis

Sophie further outlined how she suffered from PTSD, anxiety attacks in the aftermath of the horrifying incident. How a fear of victim-shaming also influenced her decision to stay silent, before this incredibly brave change of heart.

The travel blogger also noted how after the death of Sarah Everard, emphasis is often placed on training women to avoid being raped rather than educating boys on sexual assault.

Another important aspect of the interview references the long term effect the assault had on this Milton Keynes woman. Who felt she had to turn down job opportunities and didn't want to travel, a major problem when writing about different places is your job.

It was January when Sophie took the brave step to inform her family and friends of what happened in Australia. She believes seeking help and getting support is a crucial part of moving forwards.

The Ministry of Justice launched a new website in conjunction with the campaign offering helpline services. The campaign is also designed to set up local support networks for abuse survivors including: emotional support from trained counsellors and therapists and medical support from specially trained doctors, nurses and support workers in your local area.