MK politicians condemn attack on Granby Mosque

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Rival politicians in the south of the city have joined forces to condemn a petrol bomb attack on Granby Mosque.

Both serving MP, Iain Stewart, and his Labour rival, Andrew Pakes, slammed the incident, which took place at 11.30pm on Thursday.

It is believed the attack took place as a result of the murder of British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London a day earlier.

A bottle containing flammable liquid was set alight and thrown onto the roof of the Zainabia Islamic Centre – also known as Granby Mosque – in Peverel Drive.

Members of the mosque were standing outside at the time of the petrol bombing and quickly extinguished the fire. There was no significant damage caused to the building.

Tory Mr Stewart called the attack on the mosque ‘mindless’ and urged consitituents to unite against extremism of every form.

He said: “I was shocked by the sickening and unprovoked attack on Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich and I condemn such acts in the strongest of terms.

“I equally condemn the mindless ‘reprisal’ attack on the mosque at Granby in my constituency and similar occurrences elsewhere in the country.

“I have met and worked with many Muslims and the acts in Woolwich are a betrayal of the Islamic faith and their communities who give so much to our city.

“The fault for the abhorrent acts in Woolwich lies solely and purely with the sickening individuals who carried out this appalling attack – not the many peace-loving Muslim faithfuls in the city.

“Milton Keynes has always been a tolerant community and I would urge everyone to unite in our stand against violent extremism of every form. The attack in Granby is as equally abhorrent as the act in Woolwich and we should not condone such in our city.”

And Mr Pakes said: “The disgraceful attack on Lee Ridley sent shock waves throughout the UK. It was overwhelming to watch the public’s response to this horrific attack. We owe a great debt to our service men and women, and their families.

“I also condemn the mindless attack on the mosque in Granby. One of the amazing characteristics of Milton Keynes is our welcoming attitude to diversity and new neighbours. The thugs who carried out this attack do not speak in the name of our city.”

Milton Keynes Council of Faiths also released a statement following Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder.

Issued in the names of chairmen Richard Wightman and Mohammed Khan, it said: ‘The Milton Keynes Council of Faiths utterly deplores the heinous actions of those responsible for the murder of a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in London.

‘The Milton Keynes faith community is united in its prayers and our thoughts are with the family of Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

‘We uphold our vision to continue to build a climate of mutual trust, respect and co-operation amongst the faith communities. We will not tolerate any sectarian violence or desecration of religious places of worship in Milton Keynes in wake of this isolated incident in London.

‘The Milton Keynes Council of Faiths has been established since 2006 and represents all of the main stream religions, actively promoting the social and religious cohesive strategy.’

Anyone with information about the Granby Mosque petrol bombing should call DI Glister from Force CID in Milton Keynes on 101.