Mum speaks out after five teenage girls assault her and threaten to kidnap her toddler son on Milton Keynes bus

A mum suffered a black eye after she and her children were assaulted by young teenage girls who were swigging wine and smoking on a bus in MK yesterday.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 8:03 pm

The incident happened on the number 2 bus from Newport Pagnell at around 5.30 pm and the woman believes the girls were aged 15 to 16.

Afterwards she took to social media to warn others, saying: "I was debating making this public, but I’m going to."

She added: "Last night around my children and I (yes the children!) were physically assaulted on a bus home from school by five teenage girls.


"They were drinking wine from a bottle and smoking on the bus, having a lighthearted discussion about coke... as you do at that age. "

She said the girls also threatened the bus driver and said about her two year old son ‘Tell her you’re going to f****ng kidnap it’.

"Luckily none of us are hurt badly (if you see me with a black eye this is why) but my children are traumatised and don’t want to get on the bus to school this morning."

The woman managed to capture the girls on a video, which she is willing to show to their parents.


"I won’t be posting pictures of their faces here or sharing details of their appearance as they aren’t fully grown adults. I'm writing this in the hopes their parents can sort them out," she said.

"If anyone who lives in Newport has a teenage girl around the age of 15/16 and you don’t know what they do all day/night. I would start to question it, pull your finger out and do some parenting. Because chances are your darling daughter is riding the number 2 bus until midnight and making an absolute spectacle of themselves."

The woman has praised the bus driver, who tried to intervene. The matter has been passed to police to investigate.

"I cannot fault the bus driver," she said.

"He was amazing, very reassuring and called the police straight away. He also made sure we were home safely."

The woman published her story on the Newport Pagnell Chit Chat Group Facebook page and it has received hundreds of message of sympathy.