Murder arrest man reveals all truth

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A city mechanic has told how he was arrested for murder within seconds of losing the woman he had loved for almost two decades.

Ken Collins was stripped of his clothes and possessions, questioned for hours and held in custody for two nights suspecting of killing 57-year-old Kathlyn Henderson in an arson attack,

“It was like a nightmare and I was in total shock. It still hadn’t really sunk in that Kathlyn was no longer alive and yet I was being accused of murdering her,” he said.

Ken, 58, lived with former OU academic Kathlyn in a first floor flat at Great Linford’s St Leger Court for 17 years.

A few months ago they split and Ken moved to Shenley Lodge. But, he said, they remained the best of friends.

On Sunday, May 19 they spent the afternoon at Kathlyn’s flat, chatting, drinking and smoking together before Ken left at 7.30pm to catch the bus home.

Minutes into the bus journey neighbours called to say the flat was on fire.

Ken said: “I asked the driver to stop the bus and jumped into a cab. By the time I got there the place was surrounded by firefighters and police.”

He was still trying desperately to discover if Kathlyn was safe when he overheard a firefighter tell a police officer: “We’ve found a body.”

“The policeman said: “Arrest him” and two seconds later they cuffed my hands together and led me to a police car,” he said.

Ken was released on the Tuesday but was freed from his bail two days later after police found no evidence that the fire was started deliberately.

This week he was still waiting for his phone, his car and other possessions to be returned.

“All my contacts are on my phone so I can’t even get in touch with Kathlyn’s family about her funeral. I want to lay her to rest properly,” he said.

There was no response to a an inquiry to police but at the time of going to press it’s understood Ken’s possessions were being returned.