Murderer given second life sentence over 'hostage situation' at Milton Keynes prison

Inmates took a fellow prisoner hostage while two of them beat him up

Monday, 21st June 2021, 11:31 am
Updated Monday, 21st June 2021, 11:32 am

A murderer who helped take another inmate hostage and then beat him in front of prison officers at Woodhill jail in Milton Keynes, has been handed ANOTHER life sentence.

Nathan Richardson was hiding with Anthony James in George Rayment's prison cell when Kierran Eames returned just before the prison was closed down for the night.

Prosecutor Jack Wright told the court that when Mr Eames had been locked in the cell he shared with 24-year-old Rayment by prison officers, 37-year-old James and 23-year-old Richardson jumped out from under one of the bunks.

HMP Woodhill
HMP Woodhill

Mr Wright revealed that they then tied up Mr Eames before beating him with a broken curtain rail, a toilet seat and a television that they had acquired in HMP Woodhill.

Mr Wright said: "A hostage situation was declared by prison officers and specialist negotiators were called out. The hatch on the cell was blocked with toilet paper which often fell down.

"The officers outside saw the Richardson and Rayment's assaulting Mr Eames. They threatened to kill him and Mr Eames was crying out during this time."

The court heard that Mr Eames was a vulnerable man who was small in stature and did not have the strength to resist the three men attacking him, who he had regarded as friends.

Mr Wright added: "They took Mr Eames hostage as a result of a grievance against the prison. They wanted to be transferred to another prison. One defendant was heard to say Mr Eames' brain was coming out of his head."

The hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court was told on Friday that Richardson and Rayment continued to attack Mr Eames, who could be heard begging for help, while James watched on and barricaded the door to prevent prison officers coming into the cell, although a jury ruled he had not taken part in the beating.

Mr Wright revealed that the hostage situation went on for three hours during which time the victim was threatened and beaten. The accused even threatened to stick his head in the toilet.

The brutal siege, during which the defendants were heard to "howl like dogs" according to one prison officer, only ended after three hours when valiant prison officers stormed the barricaded cell and freed Mr Eames.

Judge Thomas Rochford heard that Richardson was serving a life sentence for the murder of Wenqing Xu. Richardson attacked Mr Xu on News Year's Day 2017 after taking a cocktail of drink and drugs at a house party.

Mr Xu was left with fatal injuries after Richardson attacked him in Preston, Lancashire, after having been in "the wrong place at the wrong time" according to the judge.

The court heard that James had been in prison since 2005 after he stole a woman's purse in a town centre while Rayment was serving a sentence for grievous bodily harm.

Defence barrister for Rayment, George Wyatt, told the court his client had battled mental health demons and reminded Judge Rochford that he was a young man who is not due to released from his current sentence until 2028.

He also revealed that his client had been taking synthetic drugs while in prison and had been under the influence at the time of the savage beating.

Barrister Andrew Kerry, representing Nathan Richardson, said: "He has an underlying mental illness. He has personality difficulties which lead him to experiencing voices and stress."

Rayment, of HMP Dovegate and Richardson, of HMP Full Sutton, had earlier admitted section 18 grievous bodily harm, threats to kill and false imprisonment.

James, of Mandeville House, Cardiff, Wales, was convicted by a jury of false imprisonment, but acquitted of threats to kill and grievous bodily harm.

Sentencing the trio, Judge Rochford said: "This must have been a horrific experience for Mr Eames which had a psychological impact on him.

"This was also a distressing experience for the prison officers who to listen to beating with considerable fear and anxiety in their mind. They felt Mr Eames life was in their hands and he could die if they made a miscalculation."

Rayment, who in addition to his 12-year sentence of grievous bodily harm is also serving a four-year sentence for arson, was handed an extended sentence of another 12 years, with two years served on licence following his release.

Richardson, who is serving a life sentence for murder with a minimum term of 19 years, was given another life sentence that will run concurrently with his other sentence and have a minimum term of 22 years and 6 days.

James, who was the only member of the trio to have been released from prison since the incident, was hit with a sentence of eight years in prison.

Although he may be released after two-thirds of the sentence, due to pre-existing legal matters, he may have to serve a longer sentence.