My ‘perfect man’ was sex pest cop

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THE former partner of disgraced cop Mark Wilkie has revealed she would like to see the sex pest “locked up for life and castrated”.

Angry Lyn Cawkwell lived with the police officer in what she thought was domestic bliss for almost seven years, little realising that he spent a chunk of that time harassing a string of other females.

Crafty Wilkie got contact details of at least 20 vulnerable women from the police national computer and tormented them with explicit text messages.

When police finally blew his anonymous cover he was jailed for three years. Last week the Newport Pagnell 51-year-old tried to persuade an appeal judge to reduce his sentence – but was firmly rejected.

Said Lyn: “I couldn’t believe he thought three years was excessive for all the misery and terror he caused to those women, not to mention the misery he caused to me.”.

The 39-year-old is recovering from a nervous breakdown caused by the shock of discovering Wilkie’s antics.

“He was the perfect partner in so many ways. I thought we were happy together – we had a nice home, nice holidays. He helped around the house and he always bought me 21 red roses on Valentine’s Day.

“But now I realise he was very controlling and clever, while I was a timid little mouse.”

Wilkie deliberately chose women in vulnerable situations. Some had called out police because of domestic violence, others were teenagers who had run away from home.

Mother-of-four Lyn first after she requested police help during a “nasty split” with her then partner.

“Soon afterwards I started getting texts from somebody who called himself ‘an admirer’. To be honest, I was quite flattered. I didn’t have a clue who they were from.”

Eventually, after Lyn went on a couple of dates with Wilkie, the police officer confessed.

“I should have realised then it was odd, but I just put it out of my mind,” she said..”

The relationship broke down a year before Wilkie’s arrest.

“He met another woman in a weird way. She was selling her wedding dress through the newspaper and that was how Mark got her number.

“As far as I know they’re still together and she’s standing by him, despite everything that has happened.”

Now, with the help of trauma counselling, Lyn and her children are trying to rebuild their lives.

“I still have bad days and I don’t think I will never trust another man. As for Mark, I would like to see him locked up in prison for life and castrated as well.

“That way, he would never pester another woman.”