Officers poo-poo idea of picking up horse manure

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A COUNCILLOR has asked whether police plan to pick up horse manure from the redways after numerous complaints from residents.

Councillor Isobel McCall, who represents Campbell Park ward, is asking police to reconsider a decision to ignore public concern about horse manure dropped by police horses on the redways.

She said: “I have had residents complain to me about horse manure on redways on more than one occasion.

“Yet both times I have contacted the police and suggested that the horses wear bags to catch the excrement, the idea has been ‘poo-pooed’.

“If you drop a cigarette end or a crisp packet on the footpath or allow your dog to foul the path you can be fined, but a police horse is allowed to make a huge mess and the public are expected to accept this.”

A response from Thames Valley Police stated: “Obviously the matter of pollution is something the Force takes seriously and officers always look into how one can reduce the amount of manure produced.

“Legislation places no restrictions on manure as compared to dog mess as the by product is considered benign.”