Outraged Milton Keynes residents find contents of their stolen parcels up for sale on eBay

Parcel thief is making a small fortune selling their brand new goods, they say

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 6:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 10:49 am

Sharp-eyed residents did their own detective work when parcels kept disappearing from their doorsteps in Milton Keynes.

People living in and around the Newton Leys estate have complained for weeks about packages being delivered and mysteriously vanishing.

Some had even captured on CCTV a man who appeared to be stealing the delivered items and they forwarded details to police.

Packages have been disappearing from doorsteps

This week one resident spotted clothing she had ordered for sale on eBay as new and unused.

She promptly used Facebook to publish a long list of items being sold by the local seller and asked if anybody recognised them.

Within hours other people 'claimed' the contents of their stolen packages. They ranged from newborn baby girl clothes and new leather handbags to a pair of wedding shoes.

Now the furious owners have passed on all the details of the seller to police, who are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to make a report online, or call 101, quoting reference 1114 of 3/6.

Meanwhile online shoppers say they have been told to call 999 if they see the thief in action in their area.

The Citizen, for legal reasons, sadly cannot identify the eBay seller.

But one of his victims has some good advice. "If you've ordered something online and the package has gone mysteriously missing after it's been delivered, it's worth searching for the item on eBay.

"If you find it up for sale, then tell the police. It will help them build a case against this crook."