Police carrying out knife sweeps in Milton Keynes as part of Operation Spectre

Thames Valley Police is carrying out sweeps as part of its efforts to prevent knife crime this week.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 4:04 pm

Police are carrying out knife sweeps in Wolverton today (April 26) as part of Operation Spectre.

Thames Valley Police launched Operation Spectre in Milton Keynes today, a week-long scheme to tackle knife crime in the borough.

A major component of Operation Spectre is the presence of amnesty bins outside of Milton Keynes Police Station.

These bins allow people to get rid of bladed weapons and knives which can be placed anonymously, from there the authorities will safely dispose of them.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: "[Police]have been out in the Woughton area conducting weapon sweeps. This activity aims to locate and seize any weapons which are concealed in public spaces with the intention of them being readily available for use in crime."

Knife crime has become a 'priority' for police in Milton Keynes, something that was reiterated in a Thames Valley Police statement in February after two men died, in believed to be unconnected circumstances, in the borough from stab wounds in 2021.

Twice recently police in Milton Keynes have been given additional stop and search, Section 60 powers. The Police have had extra ability to search people throughout the borough following recent incidents of knife crime.

Thames Valley Police searching for bladed weapons in Milton Keynes

Both incidents which happened two weeks apart, involved group fights, in both instances the victims were teenagers.