Police disrupt 'irresponsible' car cruise on Milton Keynes grid roads and take action against several drivers

Police in MK were out over the weekend preventing noisy and antisocial car cruises on city grid roads.

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 31st May 2022, 12:41 pm

They seized two of the cars and reported three drivers for driving with insurance.

Three more people were also issued with tickets for their noisy and antisocial driving, say officers.

A spokesman said: “There has been recent increased activity of irresponsible cruisers who drive in an anti-social manner and often dangerously on public roads.

Police disrupted car cruises in MK last weekend

He added: “By taking part in this behaviour, drivers pose a risk to other innocent motorists using the road and can disturb local residents trying to sleep with illegally altered exhaust systems and tyre screeching.”

On Saturday Roads Policing officers set up a mobile CCTV unit to help local officers in their patrol of the roads.

“As a result, those looking to drive recklessly in Milton Keynes decided to abandon their plans and move out of the area,” said the spokesman.

Residents in several parts on Milton Keynes have complained over the past year of being kept awake by the cruisers revving their engines and speeding down local roads.

Sometimes the modified exhausts have made such loud bangs that people have feared gunshots were being fired.

Often the noisy cruises start around 1am and go on into the small hours. It is believed people from all over the country are coming to join in.

Many weary householders have taken to social media to complain and demand more action to stop the cruises – but this leads to responses from the cruisers themselves, defending their right to “have fun”.

Meanwhile police and MK Council are working together to make organised car cruises a thing of the past in MK.

Last year they introduced a Public Space Protection Order to ban antisocial car cruising locally. Local police also have powers to issue on the spot fines of up to £1,000.

In June last year, a "dangerous" car cruiser became the Milton Keynes’ first offender to appear before court - and he was left £700 out of pocket.

Kevin Johnson was originally given a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice for anti social car cruising. But he failed to pay and was ordered to appear in court,