Police receive 999 hoax calls to... 999

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Police in Thames Valley took 999 hoax calls last year from people in the Milton Keynes area, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

One woman even called police from Birmingham to knock her door down and turn her oven off.

Jim Templer, chief inspector from Thames Valley Police control room and enquiry department, said: “If someone blocks of a line I might not have a member of staff available for other calls. It stops real victims getting through.

“If I have enough staff on duty or we are not busy then I can absorb it, but one day something will happen when there is something really serious going on. These callers are puttingsomebody else’s life at risk.”

TVP treats these offences very seriously and in the last two years two people have been jailed, two have been sectioned under the mental health act and one was fined £483 and £200 compensation.

Mr Templer added: “Some people think it is funny and have no idea what the consequences are.”