Police warning over anti-social behaviour in communal areas of flats on Milton Keynes estate

People are allegedly using the areas as a drug den and public toilet

Monday, 8th November 2021, 11:42 am
Updated Monday, 8th November 2021, 11:44 am

Police have issued a stern warning about an increase in anti-social behaviour in the communal areas of flats on Fishermead.

Since the weather has become colder. more young people are using these areas as a hang out.

Police say it's been reported that groups of 10 or more are using or dealing drugs in the areas.

The rubbish left behind in a communal hallway

"They are also using the area as a public toilet. Residence (sic) have also found uncapped needles, vomit, spit and rubbish left behind," said a police spokesman on social media today.

The anti-social behaviour is occurring in flats in Gurnards Avenue, Penryn Avenue and Fishermead Boulevard, he said.

"These areas are going to be patrolled by MK South Neighbourhood Policing Tea to capture and deal with the offenders causing these issues. We're also looking into some partnership work with Milton Keynes Council, local parish council and, of course, the local residents of Fishermead."

The spokesman added: "Although the above locations have been identified, there maybe other areas which we're not aware of. If you live in the area and are experiencing any of the issues above please report it to us on 101 or online at https://orlo.uk/iTEDk.

"We are listening to the community and persons responsible will be accountable for their actions...

"So if it's you that's involved in this activity, we suggest that you stay out of the communal areas and give the residents a rest. You are scaring the living daylights out of families with young children. It's also having impact on their health."