Rapist cabbie scandal: Councillor apologises - but still no resignation

A councillor who allowed a convicted rapist to drive a taxi in Milton Keynes has “formally apologised” - two days after the publication of a council investigation.

Councillor Stuart Burke was chairman of MK Council’s licensing committee which reviewed the licence of Nadeem Ahmed Kiani - despite documentation detailing his four separate convictions for serious sexual offences.

The audit revealed recorded conversations with officers investigating the taxi scandal, which quoted Mr Burke saying the rapist who drove a city taxi for three years had “done his crime, served his time”.

Today, Mr Burke said: “I have considered the report very carefully.

“In doing so I have reflected on my position and wish to formally apologise.

“I want to ensure that all that can be done to protect the public is achieved and therefore will be supporting the recommendations from the council’s audit report fully.

“I will make it my priority to ensure they are actioned.”

Mr Kiani attacked women by hiding in the back of a car, threatening them with weapons and forcing them to strip.

He forced his victims to remove their clothes before being raped and seriously sexually assaulted in turn over a three-month period in 1994.

But in the internal audit published by MK Council on Monday, Mr Burke defending his licensing decision.

He is quoted as saying: “If you are just going to look at the paperwork then everyone who ever comes before me is guilty.

“If you merely look at the paperwork and you’re not there listening to what the person has to say you get a different impression.

“You see a very different person to the person you saw; you see someone who understood what he had done wrong and realised.”

Mr Burke added: “He was incredibly frank about what had happened.

“He was a 20-year-old and had made mistakes and that he’d served his time; he regretted everything he had done.”