Roman ruins are ruined by vandals

Roman ruins
Roman ruins

The site of the city’s historic Roman ruins is being trashed and even dismantled by modern-day vandals.

The stone walls that mark the layout of one of the finest excavated Roman villas in Britain have been partly smashed and daubed with white paint.

Now the Parks Trust has urged people to contact the police if they know who the culprits are.

Locals believe the vandals are a group of motorcycle-riding youths who congregate at the Bancroft Park site on sunny evenings.

“The ancient pit is being systematically dismantled and it’s littered with broken bottles and litter,” said one resident.

Excavated from the 1970s onwards, the site dates back to the first century when it housed a farmhouse. Later a temple or mausoleum was added on the hilltop.

But around 170 AD the farmstead was destroyed by fire and in the third century it was replaced by a larger house.

This boasted geometric mosaics, a formal garden and an ornamental fish pond.

Much of this villa was reburied to ensure its preservation. The mosaics were removed and one is on display in Central Milton Keynes.

A Parks Trust spokesman said: “We’re saddened to hear there has been vandalism. We will make police aware of the problem.”