Ronnie Wrighting murder: Heartbroken family pays tribute to 'beloved father, son and brother'

Ronnie Wrighting
Ronnie Wrighting

The family of a 29-year-old father who was stabbed to death have paid tribute to their loved one.

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Ronnie Wrighting was killed by teenager Zachary Lemonnier as he waited for a taxi in Milton Keynes on August 11 last year.

The following is a statement issued on behalf of Ronnie Wrighting’s mother, Zoe O’Neill:

“Ronnie’s cruel unjust and unwarranted murder has left myself and Ronnie’s family vulnerable and scared to live life without him.

“We didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.

“That night changed all of our lives forever and we have been in agonising grief ever since. That was the worst night of my life.

“Not only did I lose a son, his beautiful children lost their dad. Siblings lost their brother. Nieces and Nephews lost an uncle.

“I would wish that nobody on this earth should experience the unbearable pain and suffering that burying our own child brings.

“Ronnie will never have the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding and she won’t have her father there for her growing up. Ronnie will never share the fun of his boy’s stag do’s and sharing stories laughing and joking. Ronnie loved his children and now won’t be able to give his advice and nurture his children.

“Every day I still expect my phone to ring with Ronnie at the other end or a text from him saying “WHAT YOU UP TO MUM?”

“I still imagine him alive somewhere or that he will come walking through the door.

“I spend every waking hour wondering if certain actions that day could have saved his life. Barely a second passes by that I don’t ask myself “WHY MY RONNIE?”

“Today and for the rest of my life I am heartbroken.

“Since this happened I find myself crying most days, I cannot eat or sleep.

“My one single hope is that justice will prevail and that a strict sentence could make a difference and affect the thinking and actions of others, then I can at least live in the knowledge that another mother might not have to endure the excruciating pain and heart ache of losing a son.

“I want to express my thanks to the Police who acted quickly in arresting and charging the defendants. Although I know this has come to Court quickly this feels like my life has been in slow motion since I lost Ronnie.

“Whatever the sentence it won’t be as long as mine.

“I have a lifelong sentence of grieving for the loss of my son Ronnie. I miss my son, my Ronnie.”