Second World War gun used in Fishermead shootings

Gun used in the Fishermead murder shootings 18461
Gun used in the Fishermead murder shootings 18461

A pistol used in Germany during the Second World War had a grim revival to execute two Milton Keynes teenagers as part of a drugs war.

The weapon, still working perfectly after 70 years, was used to shoot Mohammed Farah and Amin Ismail in a Fishermead alleyway, a court heard this week.

Two men are already behind bars for the double murder, which happened exactly three years ago.

But now two other men are standing trial. Dutch national Brahim Hajji, 26, and Kenyan-born 20-year-old Ahmed Ahmed are both pleading not guilty.

Luton Crown Court heard Hajji arrived in the UK two days before the killings.

Meanwhile Ahmed, who had been arrested initially but released without charge, fled the country on a one way ticket to Tanzania. He returned to the UK last year and was met by police at Heathrow Airport.

Prosecutor Jonathan Price said the motive for the killings was a “familiar one”.

He added: “It was rivalry between criminals arising from the trade of illegal drugs.”

The gun was hidden in bushes not far from the scene but was not found until weeks after the shootings.

Thames Valley Police firearms expert Robert Barkham said it was a self loading pistol made in Europe during the Second World War for use in Germany.

He said it had been well looked after and maintained.

>The case continues.