Send rape suspect home

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Now ward councillor Nigel Long has called for police to move 48-year-old Tobias Bowen away from the area as soon as possible to put his constituents’ minds at rest.

Bowen, a doctor from Liberia, was arrested in the States more than four years ago and charged with two counts of raping a child.

He fled New York before the trial and spent four years in Africa and the Netherlands.

In April 2014 he flew to the UK, only to find police waiting for him as he stepped off the plane.

Last week an immigration hearing in London heard 
Bowen was settled in a “safe haven” in Bletchley’s Shenley Road with his wife and young children.

The judges ruled he could stay in the UK – because his right to “liberty and security” under under the European Convention on Human Rights was at threat from his 

Because the US authorities are expected to appeal, Bowen is currently remanded in 

But the court heard it was likely he could be bailed in the near future with a £10,000 surety to return to MK.

Councillor Long told the Citizen: “I am deeply concerned as the local councillor, that a person alleged to have committed a dangerous crime has been released from custody despite being wanted for a serious sex crime in America.

“This is not about 
protecting his human rights, as apparently the court ruled; I believe it is about protecting our community.”

“I want the police to move him out of the Bletchley area and ensure that he is sent to America as soon as possible, he added.”