Sick Easter vandals trash loved one's graves and then have sex in Milton Keynes cemetery

Bereaved visitors to a cemetery were horrified to see their loved ones' graves had been attacked by vandals over Easter.

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 3:42 pm

It was the second recent episode of vandalism at Bletchley's Selbourne Avenue cemetery, which is a popular late night venue for local youths.

This time the thugs ripped flowers out of pots, threw around displays and broke ornaments - some of them from a child's grave.

They then desecrated the cemetery even further by having sex among the gravestones, and left the evidence of this - a used condom - by the water tap for all to see.

Flowers have been ripped out of pots

"What makes any of this acceptable in a place of rest? I'm really upset and cannot understand what make these people do stuff like this. These people need to be caught," said one man who visited on Easter Sunday to lay flowers on his late wife and son's graves.

He said the vandals had gone to considerable effort, even smashing a large terracotta flower holder off one grave, where it had been stuck fast to the granite with silicone sealant.

"They have broken several peoples grave ornaments and thrown around floral displays. They left a glass vase in three pieces. it's pure vandalism.

"We attempted to put the bits and pieces back on their rightful graves and tidy up a bit so apologies if we have misplaced some of them."

Graves were trashed a few months ago too

Last November around a dozen graves at the council-run cemetery were trashed. Distressed families found flowers and plants ripped out of pots and trampled on the path, while precious mementos and gifts were thrown across the site.

Afterwards Labour ward councillor Elaine Wales and requested more CCTV be put in the area. It is not believed this has happened.

Elaine said at the time: "I was shocked and appalled by the heartless vandalism that happened at Selbourne Avenue cemetery. Families have posted on social media and they have been in touch with me saying they are heartbroken and distressed seeing their loved ones' graves desecrated."