Taxigate: Rape scandal Mayor resigns

Disgraced ex-Mayor Subhan Shafiq has resigned from Milton Keynes Council.

Mr Shafiq, who represents Monkston, has finally caved in to public pressure following a three-month long scandal.

The businessman initially resigned as Mayor in August after it emerged that he had given a glowing personal reference for a “lifelong friend” who was applying to become a taxi driver in the city. The man was a convicted rapist, who had four separate convictions for serious sexual offences. However Mr Shafiq refused to resign as a councillor.

It later emerged that he had given references for three alleged sex offenders applying to become city cabbies. Police raised concerns with Milton Keynes Council over all three men, although two had not been convicted. Mr Shafiq has claimed that in one case he only acted as an interpreter.

In addition Mr Shafiq has admitted giving a character reference to another serious sex offender – an asylum seeker who is now a convicted paedophile.

Earlier this month the by-election deadline passed for Milton Keynes Council; this means that despite Mr Shafiq’s resignation there will be no by-election.

The Liberal Democrat group at MK Council has unequivocally backed Mr Shafiq throughout the scandal, with the former mayor sitting with his colleagues at the last meeting of the full council.

Although the group refused to comment they are holding a meeting tonight.

Group leader Douglas McCall has previously accused those calling for Mr Shafiq’s resignation of “playing politics” and of being racially-motivated.

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