Tory MPs for Milton Keynes silent as Prime Minister Boris Johnson quits

Milton Keynes MPs Iain Stewart and Ben Everitt have remained firmly tight-lipped during the mutiny against their Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson has this hour issued his formal resignation following 24 hours of turmoil and numerous cabinet resignations.

The move follows criticism over his government’s handling of a series of scandals, including the recent allegation of sexual misconduct by a deputy chief whip.

Local MPs Iain Stewart and Ben Everitt have always voted to support their Prime Minister and neither have referred publicly to the latest developments.

MPs Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart

The Citizen has asked the MPs’ offices for official statements to describe their stance. Mr Everitt has this morning replied. He said: “I am getting on with keeping the show on the road. I’m in Committee all day scrutinising the National Security Bill and will be getting on with the job I was elected to do.”

His colleague Iain Stewart, who represents MK South and is also government minister for Scotland, has so far not commented.

He last posted on his Twitter page yesterday (Wednesday). But he ignored the troubles erupting around him and chose the subject of National Insurance contributions.

He wrote “Today, the Government’s rise in the starting threshold for National Insurance Contributions comes into effect. This is one of many measures that this Conservative Government has announced to help constituents in Milton Keynes South.”

A statement from the resigning PM is expected very shortly

One reader replied: “Is there still a government? It was collapsing under the weight if lies and scandals the last time I looked.”

Another wrote simply: “Surely you are going to resign?”

Meanwhile Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North, put in a question yesterday during Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) in the Commons Chamber minutes before the resignations drama began.

His question was about knife crime, a matter particularly pertinent to MK. He asked if Boris Johnson agreed that people caught with a knife should be jailed.

The PM replied that the government has already toughened the sentences for some knife crime offences.

Meanwhile, on Ben Everitt’s Twitter page, readers are asking his views.

Both Mr Everitt and Mr Stewart solidly backed prime minister during the vote of no confidence last month. Mr Stewart wrote on Twitter at the time: “ I have been proud to serve in Boris Johnson’s Government since he became Prime Minister. He has got the big calls on the future of this country right and I shall be supporting him this evening.”

Both MPs similarly stayed silent during the PM’s’ 'partygate' police fine in April this year - despite local Labour MPS urging them to condemn Mt Johnson for his actions.

The resignation announcement from Mr Johnson came this lunchtime. A timetable of appointing a new leader is to be announced next week..

His move follows an unprecedented standoff with his own cabinet and dozens of resignations from his own team.

A group of senior ministers, including home secretary Priti Patel, the newly-appointed chancellor Nadhim Zahawi and transport secretary Grant Shapps have urged him to resign.

The PM’s resignation comes after less than three years in the job.