Tragic death of 15-year-old who took ecstasy must act as warning to other teens, says her Milton Keynes family

They are urging people to realise they are not 'invincible' when it come to taking drugs

Monday, 14th June 2021, 10:08 am
Updated Monday, 14th June 2021, 10:10 am

The death of a Radcliffe schoolgirl who went into cardiac arrest after taking ecstasy has resulted in an MK dealer being jailed for four years and a warning from the tragic girl's parents.

Mollie Nutt was just 15 when she took the substance, which is also known as MDMA, with her boyfriend on the first day of the school holidays in July 2018.

Three and a half hours later she collapsed in a Stantonbury field, and despite the best efforts of paramedics, could not be saved.

Mollie was a popular girl with a bright future ahead of her

She and her boyfriend had ordered £50 worth of the class A drug from MK dealer 24-year-old Dione Grech, who lives in Cliveden Place on Westcroft, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.

Initially the boyfriend placed the order but the youngsters then remembered Grech was known for giving more generous quantities of drugs to females. For this reason, the boyfriend cancelled his order and Mollie placed another order instead, the court was told.

Grech denied he had sold Mollie the drugs that caused her death, claiming he had sold them to the boyfriend. But he admitted five other charges, including being concerned in supplying Class A drug and possession of drugs.

On Friday was sentenced to four years and three months in prison. Though the judge ruled in favour of the prosecution, she said she did not hold him responsible for Mollie's death.

Jailed: Dione Grech

The court heard the young couple went to meet Grech and the pills were handed over near Bletchley Bus Station, which locals claim is a known drug drop-off point.

They then went back to Stantonbury, where Mollie lived, to take the drugs.

At 2.30 that afternoon, Mollie, described by her school as a girl with a "bright future ahead of her", collapsed in a nearby field and a 999 call for help was made for help by passers by. Sadly, she died very shortly afterwards.

Her boyfriend also spent time in hospital recovering from the drug’s effects.

Mollie Nutt

Speaking out after Grech's sentence, Mollie’s heartbroken family now hope other young people will be warned by the tragedy.

They said: "We would like to remind people, especially teenagers like Mollie that you are not invincible when it comes to taking drugs.

"Please just think carefully about the possible consequences, before taking any illegal substances.

They added: "Mollie had her whole life ahead of her, but her misadventure on that sunny day at the beginning of the school holidays has robbed her of that, and left her family devastated.”

The police officer who investigated the death, Detective Constable Leanne Shepherd, said: "This is a tragic case whereby a deal of MDMA has resulted in the death of Mollie Nutt.

"Nothing will bring Mollie back, but I am satisfied that due to strong evidence obtained by Thames Valley Police and presented to the court by the Crown Prosecution Service, the court found that Dione Grech knowingly supplied the MDMA to Mollie. As a result of this ruling, Grech has been jailed for to four years and three months."

Over the weekend dozens of young people and former classmates of Mollie gathered quietly at Stantonbury, near her home and the scene of her death.

Parents of Mollie's peers say the tragedy was a huge shock and blow for all the young people who knew her and has already caused many to vow never to take MDMA.

The warnings are reinforced by eDrug education service FRANK, whose experts say the drug can be ‘cut’ with unknown ingredients.

A spokesman said: “There’s no way of knowing what’s inside your ecstasy pill or MDMA powder until you’ve taken it. Even testing kits may not find everything.”