Tributes pour in for brother of missing Milton Keynes woman Leah Croucher after he died on nine-month anniversary of her disappearance

Tributes have poured in for Leah Croucher's brother Haydon after he tragically took his own life on the nine month anniversary of her disappearance last week.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 12:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 9:45 am

Police have confirmed they were called to a fear for welfare on Friday and 24-year-old Haydon was rushed to hospital.

His family members were informed and they kept vigil at his bedside in critical care during his final hours.

Haydon's sister Jade has described how she and her parents held onto his hand until the very last moment, surrounding him with love.

Haydon had become increasingly depressed and troubled about his sister

“You will always be with us until the day we meet you again, said Jade.

She added: “Mum and dad might not be together but one thing that will never waver is the love they have for you their darling son... We will all stick together as a unit and get through the pain with the love and support of both of our amazing step-parents.”

Jade and Haydon's mother is John Croucher's first wife. John is now married to Claire, and Leah is a half sibling – though both Haydon and Jade never referred to her as anything other than their sister.

Haydon's mum Tracey wrote on social media yesterday: “How do I express the pain that no mother should have to endure? My son, my darling son Haydon, you mean the world to me and I cannot even begin to process the pain and heartache that I feel.

Haydon and Leah in happier times

“My world has fallen to pieces without you. You were the most loving boy and the bond we had will stay with me until eternity. Giving life to you to see life go from you makes no sense. A mother should never have to bury their child.

"You loved with all your heart, family meant absolutely everything to you and you meant everything to us. My son, 24 years of life, 24 years of love, 24 years young but still my baby boy. I will NEVER be the same. I am forever broken and forever lost. Rest in peace, my beautiful boy. Mummy loves you.”

Previously John Croucher described how he had tried to reassure his son about Leah's anniversary the day before he died.

"What kind of life is it that you can speak to your son on Thursday evening to reassure him that we all feel the same sadness at Friday 15th approaching. Nine months with no news about Leah is a terrible thing to face. We promise to meet up the following day so we can face it together. Hours later police knock at the door and tell you that Haydon is fighting for his life,” he said.

John Croucher with son Haydon and daughter Leah

John added: "Be at peace Haydon. If Leah is up there with you look after each other as always, until we get there. We love and miss you both terribly. Our world could not be more broken than it is now.”

Haydon had battled with depression since Leah disappeared on February 15 and he fought tirelessly to discover what happened to her.

In May, three months after Leah went missing, Haydon appeared in court accused by police of making threats to Leah's work colleague - man called Adnan Choudhury - who the court described as her ex boyfriend. Police agreed not to pursue the prosecution because it would not be in the public interest.

Judge Sheridan addressed Haydon in the court and said of Mr Choudhury: “The police have fully investigated the person you suspected. There is, at this stage, nothing to support your suspicions. You must allow them, however strongly you feel, to do their investigations.”

Haydon and Leah

The following month, Haydon's distress about his sister was still evident. He put a poignant post on social media, saying; “She will never die. She may be physically gone bit I will continue to talk about her, write about her, think about her, laugh about her and cry about her. My children will know about her, love her, feel her in their very bones, I will live for her.”

This week his cousin wrote on social media: “The saddest thing is that he was literally crying out for support and help but he didn't get what he needed. For all the messages I see that say 'don't suffer in silence' For what to shout out and get nothing back?"

Other friends have described Haydon as a young man who cared about everybody around him.

One friend said: “Haydon would do anything and everything for anyone. He would give his last penny if that meant you were okay.

“He was the person that cared too much. He will always be loved and missed in everyone’s hearts.”

Another said: “You were the most funniest, loving person I have ever meet and always had my back and gave me the best advice when ever I needed you. You constantly supported everyone else when you were struggling with so much hurt yourself.”

John Croucher is a Taekwondo instructor and both Haydon and Leah inherited his talent, competing at national championship level.

This week Song Moo Kwan clubs all over the country will be holding a minute's silence during their training sessions as a tribute to Haydon.

If anybody, anywhere, has any information at all about Leah, they should do their bit to ease the family's heartache by calling police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.