Vandals wreck school’s library bus

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A double-decker bus that was being kitted out as a new school library has been wrecked by vandals.

Children arrived at Swallowfield Lower School in Woburn Sands on Monday morning to find that the bus had been attacked over the weekend, with windows smashed, graffiti painted all over, and empty bottles of Malibu left across the scene.

Staff are still hopeful they can get the project into gear for September - but only if local volunteers or companies can help out.

English co-ordinator Helen Woodman said: “It was just a horrible thing to come in and see on Monday morning.

“In the playground one of the children said to me ‘Why would someone do that?’ That’s hard to explain to a nine-year-old.”

The double-decker bus, which previously ran between Luton and Dunstable, was in the early stages of being converted into the school’s library.

Although Swallowfield does not currently have a dedicated library, the plan was to make it into a fun and interesting venue where youngsters could develop a love of reading.

Helen added: “We were making solid base for the axles to keep the bus secure, and thankfully we hadn’t got to the decorating stage.

“We’re hoping to complete the waterproofing and construction work by the summer but this has knocked us back - you can’t just phone Anglia Windows and ask for the right windows of an old double-decker bus.

“But we’re determined, we want to get this ready and open in time for September and the new school year, so if there are any companies who could help us out we would be very glad to hear from them.”

If you can help Swallowfield to create the library bus, call Helen Woodman 01908 582101.