Warning for city motorists after catalytic convertors stolen

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Car owners are being warned to stay alert after two cars had their catalytic convertors stolen.

The most recent incident happened on April 3 in South Second Street, Central Milton Keynes, when thieves stole a catalytic converter from underneath a Jeep Grand Cherokee while the car was parked in a car park.

The second took place between midnight on April 1, and 9am the next day in Fern Grove, Bletchley, when thieves stole a catalytic converter from underneath a Peugeot Expert van while the van was parked in a car park.

The high price of precious metals is leading to a rise in thefts of catalytic converters from a wide range of cars and vans.

PC Dirk Pym, of Local CID in Milton Keynes, said: “Following these recent thefts in the Milton Keynes area, we are urging owners of vehicles with catalytic converters to put them in a garage if they can.

“I would ask anyone who might have seen any suspicious activity around the time of the offence to contact us. The theft of catalytic converters leaves vehicles unable to be used on the road which is a big problem for the victims.

“Industrial estates, car parks, and new car forecourts are also some of the places that are being targeted, where the more appealing vehicles are parked overnight.

“Vans, 4x4s and trucks are easier to target due to their height off the ground and easy access to the underneath of the vehicle, making them particularly vulnerable, although people carriers and estate cars are also being targeted.

“I would also ask that any suspicious activity around vehicles is reported to the police, especially overnight. We are working tirelessly to locate any offenders, arrest them and take them to court. All investigative opportunities are being taken and all potential leads are being followed up.”

Ed Adlington, Crime Reduction Advisor for Milton Keynes, said: “We are actively investigating these crimes.”

Witnesses can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.