Warning: Scammers launch 'FedEx' fraud on unsuspecting victims in Milton Keynes

They are targeting people selling goods through Facebook Marketplace and similar

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 3:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 3:53 pm

People in MK selling large items through Facebook Marketplace have been warned to beware of a FedEx-style scam in operation.

The scammers reply to an advert saying they would like to buy the item, which is typically a large piece of furniture or other bulky item.

They say a FedEx delivery person will collect the item and a money order will be made, also through FedEx, to pay for the goods.

Be warned of this new scam in Milton Keynes

The seller is then told they must pay an "insurance fee" of £50 for the transaction - but this can be refunded by downloading a special coupon.

The scammers use the Dundle payment site, which sells e-gift cards, instructing the seller to email them the code once the coupon is purchased.

The fake email states: "To purchase the PCS top-up coupons, which is a £ 42.62 coupon, then email us the top-up codes at by replying to our mail in order to immediately credit the amount of £350.00."

On victim said: "Not only does the fraudster make £50 a time, but he also has the seller's name and address. It's a nasty scam."

The details, collection time and link for the money order and coupon are then sent in an email to the seller from an email address called Entreprise FedEx UK. Enterprise is misspelled.

"I clicked on the link given in the email and realised I wasn't on the official FedEx site at all. I swiftly cancelled the transaction but I'm worried that other people could be fooled. The email looks so realistic at first," said another victim.

The Citizen has reported the scam to MK Trading Standards and also the official FedEx company, who are investigating.

A spokesman for FedEx UK said: "Unfortunately, scammers often invoke the names of trusted brands when attempting to take advantage of the public, and FedEx is one of the many companies whose brand has been abused in that way. We encourage individuals to contact us and local authorities if they suspect they were the victim of fraudulent activity.

"Any suspicious text messages or emails should be deleted without being open, and reported to [email protected]