Wolverton Mosque Imam expresses disgust after Woolwich murder

The Imam of a city Mosque today condemned the actions of killers in Woolwich during an impassioned speech before weekly prayers.

The leader of the Central Jamia Mosque in Wolverton, Imam Tahir Kiani, expressed his disgust at the actions taken after soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, was murdered in the street.

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He distanced himself from what he referred to as a barbaric attack.

In his speech he spoke of the value that is put on human life and the importance of Muslims to follow the law of the land they live in.

Taj Raja, a member of the Mosque, said: “He quite rightly distanced Muslims from these men and it is important to show that we are not aligned with these extremely disturbed lunatics.

“Islam is a caring religion. You hear about a lot of incidents and they don’t reflect the religion accurately. The duty of Muslims is to obey the law of the land they live in, wherever that may be.

“None of the worshippers could be left in any doubt where the stance of Islam is and it was really important to touch upon Islam being a discipline because there is no room for anarchy.

“If people take matters into their own hands then that is a form of anarchy.”

Mr Raja, who runs Wolverton’s Verandah Talk restaurant, now feels the Muslim community needs to look at itself carefully so the next generation aren’t influenced by extremist messages that do not represent their religion.

He said: “Parents contribute to how they should be moulded for the future into any community. I would say 99.9 per cent of people are disgusted by these people claiming to be doing this on behalf of Islam.

“I hope we don’t see any revenge attacks, the vast majority of people are sensible enough to see these people do not represent Muslims. Groups like the EDL (English Defence League) may look for excuses, but you must understand this is nothing to do with Islam. This is two sick individuals.”

Yesterday, Granby Mosque was struck with a petrol bomb in an attack that was described by the head of police in Milton Keynes, Superintendent Barry Halliday, as appalling.

The bomb struck the Zainabia Islamic Centre’s roof, but was swiftly put out by members with minimal structural damage.