Young motorbike gangs wreak havoc on Milton Keynes estates as they record reckless stunts for social media

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Groups of youngsters on motorbikes are making residents’ lives hell by the latest social media craze.

The youths are riding the bikes on pavements and through parks, running rampant and doing daring stunts that are not only noisy but dangerous to themselves as passers-by.

They are recording the stunts and publishing on TikTok, where they have their own special channels.

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“It’s a troubling trend that is plaguing our community here in MK,” one resident in the north of the city.

The young riders are performing stunts that a danger to themselves and the public, claim residentsThe young riders are performing stunts that a danger to themselves and the public, claim residents
The young riders are performing stunts that a danger to themselves and the public, claim residents

He said the problem was particularly bad on Fullers Slade, Galley Hill, Greenleys and Kiln Farm.

"The gangs are shaking the peace and safety of residents...Their audacious displays of bravado include a repertoire of dangerous maneuvers, from wheelies and stoppies to weaving through traffic.

"But their exploits extend beyond mere thrill-seeking; they flaunt their criminal activities on social media platforms, boasting of their exploits, which often involve stolen vehicles and arson,” he claimed.

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"The gang's presence has become an almost daily occurrence, instilling fear and unease among residents who feel helpless in the face of such brazen lawlessness.”

People have complained to police and the council, no no avail, said the resident.

"Despite mounting evidence and intelligence provided, the gang operates with impunity, their presence becoming an almost daily ordeal for the residents.”

“It has become increasingly clear that more action is needed… We cannot stand idly by while our neighborhoods suffer from the scourge of crime and disorder.

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“The consequences of their actions are dire, not only in terms of public safety but also in eroding the sense of community and peace that once characterized these tight-knit neighborhoods. Parents are fearful for the safety of their children and pedestrians and motorists alike are wary of encountering these reckless riders.

"Elderly residents find themselves confined indoors, while the once-vibrant parks and public spaces become almost no-go zones, claimed by the brazen gang as their own personal playgrounds.”

He said residents are urging police to identify and apprehend the young riders, holding them accountable for their actions, and sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

They are also asking community leaders, parents, and educators to come together to address the root causes behind such gangs, offering support and guidance and providing them with constructive alternatives to channel their energy.