Crisis talks: Council bombarded over “extortionate” parking proposals


Council chiefs are being urged to hold crisis talks as city workers unite against “extortionate” employee parking permits.

As reported by the Citizen yesterday, a parking crisis is threatening to kill off business in CMK after Labour proposed to hike the cost of parking permits by 88 per cent over the next two years.

Hundreds of employers and workers are flooding the council with furious emails in a protest against the plans, which are due to be finalised on Wednesday.

Senior Lib Dem Sam Crooks, who received over 400 emails from businesses yesterday, believes the best way forward would be to select two or three councillors from each party to have a crisis meeting.

But as the deadline for amendments to the budget proposal ended at 12pm today, round the table talks will now be forced to commence following Wednesday’s outcome.

Mr Crooks said: “I don’t think that having 57 councillors in the chamber working against a deadline - sometimes until 2am or 3am - is the best way to decide a budget for the city.

“The city wants to see us work together - not fight between us.”

Conservative group leader Edith Bald says she will vote against the parking permit proposal because her party are “on the side of businesses and employees”.

She said: “We talk about democracy and Labour’s co-operative council, but they are not listening.

“Sadly, I think they will be embarrassed at full council next week in front of a full public gallery because they are not displaying they are a party which supports vulnerable people.”