Criticism as prices soar to cremate a loved one

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Funeral directors have slammed a major increase in the cost of burial or cremation in MK.

Milton Keynes council has upped its cremation charges by 20 per cent in a bid to save cash on its budget.

Cremating an adult now costs £850 while burial has risen from £782 to £900.

One funeral director said: “This is the second price rise that the council has made this year and the figures have gone up dramatically.

“This is very unfair. I believe the council taking advantage of bereaved families.

A council spokesman said: “Decisions such as this are never easy.

“For some time we have been moving our fees and charges in line with other local authorities and the private sector.

“We understand that this is a very sensitive subject, often at a difficult time for families and loved ones, so we need to ensure our service in this area meets their expectations.”