Crossing the Channel for Sport Relief

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As part of this year’s Sport Relief campaign, the Witan Gate bar and restaurant is hosting an epic cycle challenge that will see fundraisers really go the distance.

The participants, including local sports stars from the MK Lions basketball team, will be using pedal power to take them from Milton Keynes to Paris in just 24 hours, without even hitting the roads.

They will be cycling the 368 miles between the two cities on static bikes donated by ‘Energie Fit4Less’ Gym and are calling on local residents to lend their support and give a few pounds.

“Despite not having to battle with the weather and rough terrain it will still be quite a challenge,” says General Manager David Pugh.

“There will be up to six people on each team, so they should do about 61 miles each over the space of 24 hours. It works out at an average speed of 15 miles an hour so we’ll be cheering them on to keep the momentum going.”

Carl Josey and Ishmael Fontaine from MK Lions will be taking their turns on the bike, alongside staff from the bar and restaurant.

The rules are simple: someone must be on the bike at all times and there is no cheating or tampering with the bikes! If any team hits the 368-mile mark before the 24 hours is up they will continue cycling to see who can get the furthest in the time allowed.

The race starts at 7pm on Thursday, 22nd March and finishes at 7pm the next day, just in time for the participants to rest their weary legs for the weekend.

“We hope to raise more than £1,000, which will go a long way towards helping people in the UK and abroad through the Sport Relief charity,” David continues.

“The teams have already been passing round their sponsorship forms and we’ll be asking for donations on the day as well to spur them on.

“It is yet to be seen how they will cope with the physical challenge, but I am sure that whatever happens they will do a great job in raising funds for such a worthwhile cause.”

Money raised for Sport Relief is spent by Comic Relief to help change lives across the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

It is used in all sorts of ways to support those who are living incredibly difficult lives.

For example, just £5 buys new clothes for a child living on the streets of Nepal, and £500 can support a young carer in the UK for a whole year, ensuring they can cope with their responsibilities and keep up at school.

“It’s truly amazing that a little money can go such a long way,” David adds. “It’s only right that we make our staff and friends at MK Lions go a long way too!”