Crown court ‘season ticket holder’ jailed for stealing neighbour’s TV

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141124-091537001

Burglar Matthew Sunter has so many previous convictions that a crown court judge told him he could rightly be described as being a court “season ticket holder”.

The 30-year-old appeared before Judge Francis Sheridan after burgling his own neighbour’s home and stealing their television.

The court heard Sunter already had a staggering 73 previous convictions, prompting Judge Sheridan to tell him: “You truly deserve to be called a season ticket holder.”

He then jailed the crook for eight months. Sunter took the TV, a passport and cash from his neighbour’s home, later hiding the television under his bed.

Jailing him at Aylesbury Crown Court, Judge Sheridan said: “You took your opportunity to go into your neighbour’s house to steal their TV, passport and cash.”

Sunter, from Sutcliffe Avenue, Milton Keynes, was jailed for eight months for the burglary, which happened on August 19.

He was also sentenced to four months in prison, to be served consecutively, for a public order offence on November 9 when he said, “I’ll stab her up” about a former girlfriend.

Police were called to Oldbrook, the area of Milton Keynes where he lived, on Novemeber 9 this year, where they found Sunter.

Referring to his ex-girlfriend, he said: “Watch what I’ll do, I’ll stab her up.”

Sunter added: “I said I was going to slice her up.”

The prolific offender was originally charged with making threats to kill but this was later downgraded to a public order offence.

His brother John Sunter, 32, of Sutcliffe Avenue, Oldbrook, was also jailed for seven months after pleading guilty on November 21 to handling stolen goods.