Crownhill crem will not be sold

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Rumours that the council is planning to sell off the city’s crematorium have been dismissed as a publicity-seeking ploy this week.

Labour’s new leader Peter Marland issued a press release warning Milton Keynes Council could be secretly plotting to dispose of Crownhill Crematorium as part of a review of bereavement services,

He wrote to the council asking for assurances this would not be the case.

He said: “The response was that the review will consider all options and nothing has been ruled out.

“The idea that as a council we would spend money expanding the crematorium only to see it sold off is stupidity. We need to look at ways of ensuring our asset brings money into the council in the long term.”

His words left Tory leader Andrew Geary fuming.

“This administration has no plans to sell of the crematorium now or at any time in the future,” he said.

“It seems Mr Marland is rather too keen to get his name in the newspaper.

“Unlike Labour, the conservatives do not have a history of selling off the family silver in Milton Keynes.”