Customer service gets out of hand

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AN IKEA customer said she was made to feel like a ‘leper’ when a cashier refused to take her money – after noticing severe eczema on her hand.

Georgina Russell bought a couple of glass jars when shopping at the Bletchley store last Wednesday, spending just under £5.

However, when she came to hand over the money for the items the cashier noticed the eczema and pulled her hand away asking her to leave the money on the counter.

Georgina said: “I have shopped there since it opened so I have been a loyal customer, but that made me feel really upset.

“The cashier didn’t take the money from me and told me to leave it on the counter so she could pick it up. I was made to feel like a leper, it was disgraceful.

“She looked if she was digusted with me. I was so shocked and upset. If she did it to me then she could very easily do it to another customer.”

Georgina complained to the floor manager who apologised and said the staff member would be spoken to in private.

Karen Barker, IKEA Milton Keynes store manager, said: “IKEA does not discriminate against anyone and an internal investigation has been launched. We expect all our co-workers to be friendly and helpful towards every customer.

“We regret that Miss Russell had reason to complain about her shopping experience. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter directly with her.”